Week 14 -Two & Ten


Processing time is important for all of us and critically important for our students with any language processing delay….lots of our students. “Two & Ten” is a quick term to remind all of us to limit the amount of information heading towards a student (visually and verbally). Say two words or phrases – or show two visuals, then wait for at least ten seconds. Try counting in your head to keep track. It can feel like a long time and we are often tempted to start talking again before enough processing time has been provided.

Here is a short phrase to go along with the visual:

“Two & Ten until you talk again; Two & Ten to comprehend.”

“Two & Ten” is just a guideline. Every student will need different amounts of processing time and will have different tolerance for more or less words. Try it out and see if you notice increased comprehension and decreased frustration/anxiety.

Put a few of these 2 & 10 visuals up to remind yourself throughout the day to provide more processing time for your students.

I am blessed to work with an incredible group of talented and dedicated professionals. This week’s visuals was created to support an initiative that one of our teams at work created. The team consists of two Speech and Language Pathologists and two District Education Assistants. They were happy to share their ideas with you. Thanks Deb, Angie, Lynne-Mari and Suzanne.

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