Week 15 – Samples: I See What You Mean


Samples are a great example of visuals that most teachers already use. I would encourage you to use them even more. Reconsider when you think: “They don’t need a sample for this…it just makes sense.” Often it doesn’t make sense for students for a variety of reasons:

  • they were distracted when you explained it
  • they don’t process verbal language well
  • they were anxious because it was an assignment
  • they were distracted by peers
  • and even those without language processing delays can simply forget

A sample can be a permanent reminder of their goal. Many of our students would benefit from a sample that they can keep with them until they have completed the assignment.Samples help set students up for success.

Sometimes people worry about “copying”. Ken Robinson says that what we consider copying in school, others outside of school consider collaborating. Copying is often the first step on the long road to mastery. When I explore a new art style, I often start by “copying” what someone else has already done. As time goes by, my projects become less and less like the sample and more my own style.

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