Week 16 – Visuals Light the Way


My friend, Josh, was working with a young man, Bill (*name changed for privacy) with FASD in Bill’s home. Josh was helping him develop strategies to support his goal of living on his own. They had been working on laundry skills for several weeks. Even though Bill had put his clothes away for many months, he still needed prompting and the task took much longer than expected.

Josh decided to try using visuals on the outside of the clothes drawers to help John know where the clothes needed to end up. With this simple strategy Bill suddenly became much better, and quicker, at putting his laundry away.

Here’s the best part: Bill was able to tell Josh how the strategy helped him. He said, “Before the visuals were there, it was like I had no ideas what was in each drawer. I had to open it and look inside every time I went to put something away. With the visuals, it was like someone turned on the light and I knew what was in the drawer.”

What a beautiful description of how visuals help support independence

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