Week 18 – Visuals Leave a Lasting Impression

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There are so many different things that can interfere with information communicated verbally. Students can be distracted, anxious or angry. Other noises in the environment can interfere with communication. Even something as common as having a cold can cause fluid in the ears to make it difficult to hear verbal communication.

In cases where a student actually heard the information two other factors can have a major impact on whether the student is able to use or act on the information: language processing and memory. Once information is heard many students need time to process what is being said – visuals can help. Often the student is also required to do something with the information and therefore needs to keep the information in their working memory – once again visuals can help.

Visuals allow a student to refer to the information as often as is needed. Often adult is not required to repeat information when visuals are used.

Visuals last longer than spoken words.

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