Week 24 – Keep Calm and Use Visuals


When students behaviour starts to escalate become aggressive or violent it can be difficult to remain calm. Visuals can help your communication remain calm, at the very least. Visuals also allow communication to continue while also giving the student the space they may need to self-regulate and start to calm themselves.

When a student is calming down it is often difficult to know when you can start communicating with them without re-triggering behaviour. Visuals can be a less threatening way to get your message across without aggravating the situation by talking too soon or getting too close. Make up visuals reminding the student what self-regulated behaviour looks like (quiet voice, calm body and hands). Add visuals of strategy options for calming down (walk to the water fountain, count to ten, sing a song in your head, take long, slow breathes).  For some students, visuals about how to re-enter the classroom or support room can help (enter room quietly, join others with what they are doing,  raise your hand for help).

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